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How are my purchases sent out & delivered?


  • All orders will be sent fully insured by us with Royal Mail.

  • Your parcel is insured until it is signed for at your designated delivery address.

  • All coins will either be delivered in the original mint tubes or in protective coin capsules.

  • Bespoke packaging is provided with all orders.


How secure is my Financial Information on your website?


We have 4 forms of payment methods neither of which requires you to input your financial information on our website, Although you can store that information in your wallet section and it will be perfectly safe to do so. All methods require you to pay for your invoice offsite either with PayPal/Square/Transferwise or directly through Bank transfer or online payment gateway!
You can store information on your personal account wallet if you so wish as this site is fully encrypted and protect via https ssl protocal, we also can take payments via phone or take payments with you online with you in realtime hence the wallet feature.

Why might I be asked to provide an ID?

We are governed by regulations for retail clients. The Money Laundering Regulations requires that for orders over £5000 or for a total spend over £10,000 in one year “Certified” copy of your photographic ID and a recent utility bill has to be kept on file by us for the duration of 6 years.


What Information is kept by us & what happens to this information?

We are obliged under the Money Laundering Regulations to gather information to prove who you are. We will never send or give this information to anyone unless in connection to the money laundering regulations. Our only obligation is to report suspicious transactions of possible money laundering to the relevant authority.


Can I pay in cash?

No due to security reasons we do not keep cash on the premises. You would have to make your order online through the website, either as a direct bank transfer or by checking out through Paypal with a payment card or through a paypal account.

PLEASE do not turn up and expect to buy goods.

We do not keep any quantity of goods on location for security and safety reasons.

What are your opening times ?

Opening times are from 9am until i fall asleep at the screen.


Do you buy back coins and Bullion?
Yes. We are always interested in buying your silver coins and bullion. You do not need to have purchased the items from us. You can send it to us by Royal Mail special delivery and we will make you a very good offer, naturally its best to contact us first to get a quote!

We do not deal in scrap silver.

At the Gilded Silver Coins we pride ourselves

on our Customer Service and Speedy Delivery,

when we supply Gold and Silver Bullion.

Someone will always be on hand to answer

any questions you may have 24/7.

Whether its on gold & silver bullion,

or our passion for silver gilded products and numismatics.

We want our customers to enjoy their shopping

safe in the knowledge

that we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarrentee

on returns.

We also want to help our international customers

as much as we can with costs on shipping,

or with our Golden Silver Rewards Initiative. specialize in the supply

of 24K Gilded Silver Products and Numismatics.

We have a passion for these products

and as such we have a growing network in place,

to source a number of these products relatively quickly.

All of the products in this store have a universal

Gtin barcode number issuance

in relation to product Authenticity.

Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions,

or if you are looking for a specific product

that you cannot find in store. is a registered

sole proprietorshipin the United Kingdom with

tax number:


Thank you again for your visit!

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