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Due to the value and nature of bullion we will only send items

in any one consignment upto a value

of  £1000.00 in the uk

If another is required that will be free as well.



In order to make sure our international customers

get their items fully insured at the lowest price possible

each cognsignment works as follows

Royal Mail International Tracked -

£16.99 upto £250 ormax 4 items

weightdependant upto 250grm or £250 insurance,

whichever comes first.

If more coins are purchased that go over £250

then another cognisgmentwill be required,

please note that the coin discount offer

is worked off this shipping amount.

Please contact us if you feel there is an error.

Expedited International shipping starts at £60.00

contact us for further details.

Due to the value and nature of bullion

we will only send items upto a value of £250.00

internationally in any one Consignment

unless buyer pays for expedited shipping

and the insurance costs involved.

If you require orders greater than £1000

then payment is required via bank transfer.

International Express shipping is available via phone

and bank transfer orders with extra costs involved,

which we envisiage will always go with orders

over the standard £250 threshold.

Loss and theft enroute is not covered and we cannot be held

liable for other countries postal systems.

Shipment Procedure

Once we get your order and payment is recieved,

we will request that your items be sent to us from our wharehouse.

No items of value are kept in our office premesis overnight,

except to be packaged and shipped on that day of business.

This is to insure our safety and your goods from theft.

This usually takes between 24 - 48hrs.

Once your order has arrived, we will inspect them to make sure that

they are authentic and pass our Quality control.

Your items will then be packaged and secured for transit, at which

point they will then be sent to the post, or picked up by courier.

Not more than a further 24hrs unless we contact you with any unforseen problems.

You will be contacted at this point with your tracking numbers,

and shipment confirmation.

PLEASE NOTE that we offer many ways to pay

and of all of them only Paypal MAY choose to put a money hold

on your payment, for whatever reason they choose.

We will only ship orders when funds paid are released to us.

This goes for any payment method,

but to date only paypal employs this kind of action every now and then.

We ask customers to please make themselves knowledgeable of the payment processors they choose to use and how they operate.

Please note that insurance is for damage only to your item.

Loss and theft by couriers is not covered for international orders.

We will do our utmost to try and recover your items should

they go missing enroute,

but as with any business operating once your items leave us

our responsbility for them ends at that point.

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